Zhan zuang - Ritsuzen

Frame & Stance

  • The Frame: body & mind organisation (body & yi) -see stance 1
  • The Stance: the method

Different Yi’s can be used (yi: image in the mind, yi moves the body)

Relax Yi after 10-15minutes standing

Stance 1

Expanding & embracing stance 

30% expanding – 70% embracing

60% bodyweight/gravity in lower body – 40% in upper body

Standing in the lake – moving forward/backward

Doing slowly

Body & water (lake) becomes one

Standing on a boat (swaying boat) – moving into different directions

Body & boat becomes one

The image of ants under the feet, give them space to move around

Relaxing Yi: standing on top of a mountain and enjoy nature, or a different relaxing image

Relaxing the body through movements:

  • body rotation, fingers leading the movement, eventually you can speed up the movement, it becomes a shaking movement (shaking movement of a dog whi is wet)
  • Stand tiptoe, turn heels in, drop feet while turning heels out, arm/elbow drop and lifting movement

Stance 2

Holding & pressing stance

Standing in waist high water

Image holding a board or ball floating on water

Use hands, arms, body and yi to cotrol as one unit

Stance 3

Lifting & inserting stance

Pull out a ball from the sand wherein you stand – waist high

Pull out the hand from the sand

Push in the hand with fingers in the sand

Stance 4

Holding & Pushing Stance

Holding paper ball high – push out and keep the paper ball in the hands 

Combat Stance (Chidori ashi)

leading hand about 5cm higher

small step – shoulder width

middle step – 1 1/2 shoulder width

big step – 2 shoulder width

use “yi” as before


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